Dogs & Sweaters

Is the doggie sweater (jacket, snowsuit, raincoat, etc.) really necessary? The answer boils down to what your dog is naturally equipped with, coat-wise. Double-coated dogs with high coat density like Akitas, Malamutes, and Siberian Huskies were bred for harsh conditions and are uncomfortable with outerwear of any kind. Double-coated dogs with lower coat density like… Read more »

Living with Dogs: Dig This

Why do dogs dig? Because it’s fun. Dogs love to bury or recover bones, dig out prey like mice and rats, or make a nice cooling pit when the weather is warm. Digging isn’t a behavior problem, it’s normal canine behavior and thoroughly enjoyable for the dog. But it can still be a problem for… Read more »

Water Work

The highest-performing dogs
in this sport are typically dogs bred for water work—Newfoundlands for water
rescue and Portuguese Water Dogs (PWDs) for working alongside fishermen. But
all water-loving dogs can participate at some level. Both water work
activities—rescue work and assisting fishing vessels—form the basis for a set
of water trials.

4 Tips for Successful Outings

​A successful outing with your dog is one that’s safe and enjoyable for both of you. As natural and easy as that sounds, it often doesn’t happen unless you prepare for and practice it. Here are some tips for making the most of your time out and about with Fido.

When Dogs Eat Greenery

It’s a rare dog that never partakes of a tender stalk of juicy grass—and some dogs practically graze. Dogs are omnivores and it’s likely their diet in the wild would include fruit, berries, seeds, herbs, and a variety of grasses (despite lacking the enzyme to digest grass). On occasion, grass-eating is an attempt to induce… Read more »

To Be Or Not To Be…A Dog’s Dog

Social dog We all want our dogs to play nice with other dogs—and shouldn’t it come naturally? Dogs are social, after all. So why does an otherwise sweet-natured canine buddy turn into a killjoy at the park? Well, dogs can be introverts, too. Like humans, they can have bad days and they occasionally form instant… Read more »

Let Sleeping Humans Lie…

Some dogs don’t appreciate a good lie-in—or know the difference between workdays and weekends. Young puppies and senior dogs can’t be expected it to hold it all night and are legitimately excused, but adult dogs should know better. If your dog has taken it upon himself to be your personal alarm clock, here are some tips.

Seizure-Alert Dogs

As the name suggests, seizure-alert dogs can detect an oncoming seizure in people and warn them so they can take precautions. To people with epilepsy or other convulsive disorders, a seizure-alert dog can mean the difference between a normal life and isolation.

Half Dog, Half Kangaroo

Some dogs are born jumpers. If you have a champion jumping bean on your hands, the first thing to remember when muddy paws land on your favorite pair of slacks is that your canine companion isn’t jumping on you out of rudeness or in an attempt to dominate you. Rather, it’s a case of misplaced… Read more »

The Special Bond

You’re not imagining it. Your dog really does understand what you’re feeling. Dogs can’t read our minds, no, but when it often seems like they do, it’s because of a special connection between our two species that’s increasingly well understood. Dogs don’t just seem attuned to our emotions. They are. Eye-track studies of dogs have… Read more »

The Great Crate

The crate is a marvelous tool: Good for short stints of alone time and for getting your dog to settle down, great for house-training and travel. Worried a crate is just one step up from imprisonment? No need. Like coyotes and wolves, dogs are den animals that enjoy close quarters. That said, it would be… Read more »

Troublesome Teens: Four Survival Tips

Two-legged kids are not the only ones to go through an awkward phase. Adolescence—usually thought of as the period from four months to two years of age, a little later for larger breeds—often feels like an honest-to-goodness teenage rebellion. Your young dog develops selective hearing, seems to forget manners they know well, and reverts to… Read more »