Do you dread taking your dog for walks or out in public? Maybe they bark their heads off when they see another dog, or the minute you walk out the door they are doing back flips on the leash and dragging you along behind them. Perhaps you are worried about what would happen if they encountered a distraction and you’re at your wits end. We’re here for you!

We’ve developed our programs based on what we’ve learned works best and is most effective over the years. When you work with us, you have over 30 years of combined experience behind you. We have a whole team ready to help you solve problems and get you some much-needed relief. After all, we’re in the business of creating happier dogs and happier humans.

Classes for Reactivity, Barking and Over-Stimulation

With these training programs, you’ll get practical solutions that get real results, in addition to peace-of-mind, sanity, and a big sigh of relief. We use science- and reward-based methods to solve behavior problems, and we’ve got the credentials and experience to back it up.

Please note that we do not use force or aversion methods, and – while very effective with diligent practice and homework completion – our work together will not be a quick or overnight fix. Please carefully read through our website before committing to a program with us.


Chaotic Canine for Adults: Embracing Big Feelings in Dogs | In-Person Orientation + Six Weeks of Class


Reactive, barky, over-aroused dogs over six months old. Read the entire description below if this sounds like your dog, but taking a class is worrisome to you. We get it!

Reactive and barky dogs under nine (9) months old should join our Zesty Teens Class. Dogs under 23 weeks should join our Puppy Classes.

Thursday evenings. Click here to see the schedule.

Happy Dog Institute Headquarters
7924 Sweet Iron Ct SE, Suite 109, Olympia WA 98501

This compassionate class equips pet owners with effective techniques to handle intense emotions like anxiety, excitement, and fear in their dogs, promoting a balanced emotional state and a harmonious household. Discover strategies to navigate unique challenges and foster a calmer atmosphere.

This class is a precursor to our Focus & Control for Teens or Foundation Skills for Adults class, specifically geared for these excitable dogs, and distracted dogs. We will focus on skills to help these dogs be successful by channeling this energy for good with impulse games, building focus, and confidence. This class is designed to promote confidence, teamwork and problem solving skills to help you and you be more successful out and about with your pup, and have a stronger bond to move forward.

**Does taking your reactive dog to a group class with other dogs sound terrifying or overwhelming to you? Not to worry, you’re not alone! That’s why we’ve designed this program as a small, semi-private class with four dogs and two instructors. What’s more, your dogs will have a lot of foundation work and will work at their own pace so when it’s time to see another dog, they’ll be ready. We use cars, barriers, visual blocks and distance to ensure they are successful and not explosive. We want everybody to feel comfortable and successful in this class!**

This first class will be HUMANS ONLY and 45 minutes long, so please leave your dog at home.  You will bring your dogs to the remaining six classes (one 45 minute session followed five 60 minute sessions). These classes will include implementing some simple skills and rotating the dogs into the building so they have a short time to acclimate to the space without others present.

This 7-week class has a fixed start and end date.  In this class, we will build upon the skills learned the prior week.  There may be occasional skip week(s) due to holidays, or special events – outlined in the schedule.

Dogs with severe generalized anxiety, fear of humans and/or a bite history are not appropriate for this this program. If your dog fits the bill, check out our Fear, Aggression & Anxiety package. This is also not a good fit for dogs who have issues with livestock or those who need help working through separation anxiety issues.

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Zesty Teens Class for Adolescents: In-Person Orientation + Five Weeks of Semi-Private Classes
(For Dogs Between 23 Weeks and Nine Months Old)


WHO THIS CLASS IS FOR (Age Requirements)
Dogs between 23 weeks and nine (9) months old. Dogs who are older than this and have similar needs should join our Chaotic Canine class.

Sunday afternoons
at HDI Headquarters in Tumwater, WA.
Click here to see the schedule and to register.

Did you miss out on early socializing? Maybe your calm and manageable puppy is quickly turning into an rambunctious teen? This 6 week class will help you understand important developmental milestones and breed specific tendencies that might be making your teen more challenging to work with. Using hands-off patterns games and confidence building tool we can help shape more consistent settles and solid life choices to ease your growing concerns.

Learn about body language, threshold, and how to help your dog cope in these over-simulating and overwhelming situations. Build skills to keep your dog calm and relaxed when they have previously felt explosive, reactive or “out of control”.  We’ll work dogs carefully and successfully and teach them lots of tools to become less “zesty” and more calm. In this class, you’ll get:

  • An in-person orientation followed by five weeks of in-person class sessions
  • Access to written materials and homework
  • Semi-private sessions for optimal success and minimal overwhelm!