Is your puppy using you as a chew toy? Peeing all over your house? Or perhaps he’s an angel but you’ve heard how important early socialization is.

Besides helping you maintain your sanity, early training and socialization is essential to helping your puppy grow into an enjoyable, well-rounded dog. And it can prevent common behavior problems like fear-based aggression and anxiety later in life.

“A good dog is one of the best things of all to be.” -Dean Koontz

Manners & Socialization

Six Weeks, Open-Enrollment

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Who: Puppies between 8 and 18 weeks old. Dogs must be under six months old at their graduation date.

When: Mondays at 6pm OR Tuesdays at 5pm

Where: Fluffy & Floyd’s Pet Supplies in Tumwater, Washington.

Why: Your puppy is learning things at lightning speed, both good and bad. And that means this is the best and most important time to lay a strong foundation that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

What: This class gives you everything you need to get your puppy off to a great start, including:

  • A half-hour video orientation
  • Printed materials, including a trusty Socialization Checklist to guide you through the first year with your pup
  • Six (6) weeks of consecutive group classes
  • Ongoing support through your dog’s early puppyhood.
  • Help with common puppy issues like: chewing, biting, house training; crate and confinement area training; basic manners; and socialization, socialization, socialization!
  • Did we mention socialization?

Get the Puppy Class FAQs by clicking here.

This class may also be purchased as part of a package. Click below to learn more.

Agility & Active Play

Four Weeks

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Who: Puppies who have completed Puppy 1: Manners & Socialization class. Your pup must also be under nine months old when starting this class.

When: Schedule varies, click here for current offerings.

Where: Fluffy & Floyd’s Pet Supplies in Tumwater, Washington.

Why: This class is the perfect “bridge” for your adolescent dog to keep things going between Puppy 1 and his first grown-up class, Fun Foundation.

What: Building on all the important things your puppy learned in Puppy 1, this class takes manners and socialization to the next level by:

  • Learning how to get desired behaviors by using clicker or marker training
  • Working on manners and skills like stay, leave it, come when called and loose leash walking
  • Adding agility obstacles, new surfaces and fun games
  • Introducing additional reinforcers besides treats!
  • Offering continued support with chewing, biting, house training, crate and confinement area training, and basic manners

What You Get:

  • Access to PDF materials for class
  • A customized Happy Dog Institute clicker

Prerequisite: Your puppy must be under nine months old, and your dog must have completed Puppy 1 before enrolling in this class. However, you don’t have to take Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 consecutively. You can come back once you’re in the throes of your pup’s Terrible Teens as long as they’re under the age limit, which is nine months for Puppy 2.

Get the Puppy Class FAQs by clicking here.

This class may also be purchased as part of a package. Click below to learn more.

“I have put two pups through the first set of their classes and am in love with the way Emma trains owners and dogs. Hope to be doing some more classes soon!”

—Angie, Max & Bailey

Puppy Packages

Keeping your puppy in classes throughout his first year will have a huge impact on your training success, socialization, and the prevention of behavior problems in the future. And purchasing them in packages will save you money, too!

Puppy 1 + Puppy 2

Ten Weeks


Taking both the Puppy 1 and Puppy 2 classes will help ensure your puppy grows up to be a fun, loving, and well-mannered dog. Save money by purchasing both classes together.

What’s included:

  • Puppy 1: Manners & Socialization Class
  • Puppy 2: Agility & Active Play
  • Access to the Puppy 1 Orientation Video and PDF Handbook.
  • An Operation Socialization Puppy Passport & a “Here to Socialize” Bandana
  • A customized Happy Dog Institute iClick™ Clicker
  • Help through much of your dog’s first year, including guidance through the “Terrible Teens”!

Please note: Once you purchase this package, you can either register for classes yourself via our online system, or we can do it for you manually. We’ll email you!

Puppy 1 + Puppy 2 + Fun Foundation + Four Weeks Topics Class


Take your pooch from puppydom to adolescence to adulthood with our most comprehensive package, and save over $50! The Gold Package helps you to stay on track with your pup for his or her first whole year, and lays a solid foundation for many, many more years of enjoyment and fun with your best friend.

What’s included:

Please note: Once you purchase a Puppy Package, we’ll send you an email with class time and date option. You have one year from purchasing this package to use your Fun Foundation & About Town credits. Please note that About Town is offered in the Spring and Summer only.