COVID update: we are working hard to keep our staff and clients safe. This includes limiting the number of people in our facility; requiring properly fitting masks (we recommend double masking or a K95 mask with the recent surge);  regular cleaning and disinfecting and air purification and ventilation (bundle up!). To view our current COVID policies including updated masking requirements, please visit our FAQ page.

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Class Materials

Puppy Classes (Under 5 months):
Puppy 1 & 2 Class Materials
Puppies About Town Class Materials

Adolescent & Adult Dog Classes (Over 5 months):
Puppy 3: Surviving Your Dog’s Adolescence Class Materials
Fun Foundation: Basic Manners Class Materials
About Town Class Materials

Agility, Specialty & Sporting Classes:
Agility Fundamentals 1 Class Materials
Sports Sampler Class – a work in progress!

Behavior Modification Classes:
Chaotic Canine Class Materials – a work in progress!