Help for your dog’s behavior problem is just a click away. When you work with us, you’ll have over 30 years of combined experience behind you. We’ve developed behavior modification programs based on what we’ve learned works best and is most effective over the years. We have a whole team ready to help you solve problems and get you some much-needed relief. After all, we’re in the business of creating happier dogs and happier humans.

During these private, one-on-one training programs, you’ll get practical solutions that get real results, in addition to peace-of-mind, sanity and a big sigh of relief. We use science- and reward-based methods to solve behavior problems, and we’ve got the credentials and experience to back it up.



Fear, Aggression & Anxiety Program | Initial Consultation + Four to Six Hours of Support

$645 to $945

If you’re struggling with your dog’s fearful or aggressive behavior, you’ve come to the right place. We specialize in aggression and anxiety behaviors, and we’re here to help you and your dog live together more harmoniously. Sometimes, dogs just need a good boost of confidence or are starting to exhibit anxious, aggressive or fearful behaviors to certain triggers. Others, it’s progressed to the point  where you can’t take your dog anywhere because they bark at everything. Or maybe they spend the whole time shaking in their boots, or bark their head off and have a hard time settling when guests come over? (They better not use the bathroom and then come back out again!)

That’s where we come in. With a combination of weekly support sessions and hands-on training demos and support, we’ve put together this program to take the guesswork out of it all. While it’s impossible to create a “one size fits all” program, we find that this range of support allows us to really make some positive progress towards change, increase your sanity and create that happier dog we’re looking for!

What you get:

  • An initial 60 minute consultation get you help ASAP
  • 4-7 hours of additional hours of support  for the duration of your package, depending on your dog’s needs, triggers, and our recommendation
  • The option to utilize in-person and/or virtual sessions to maximize your support hours and your success
  • In most cases, we’ll work the dog for you at the beginning of your program until you’re feeling ready to take over
  • Step-by-step homework and video review, as necessary
  • A training plan that makes sense, is humane and effective, fits with your lifestyle and that you’ll feel comfortable and confident doing (our job is to decrease your stress, not throw you into the lion’s den!)
  • Written materials in PDF format for easy printing and tracking

Chaotic Canine Class | Six Weeks + Online Orientation & Materials


Dogs over six months old.
Younger dogs should join our Puppy Primer or Puppy Life Skills Class.

Fridays at 5:30pm

Happy Dog Institute Headquarters
7924 Sweet Iron Ct SE, Suite 109, Olympia WA 98501

Do you have an overly exuberant dog that sometimes gets “stuck” on different distractions? Often impulsive or a bit hyperactive, these dogs have a difficult time focusing on their handler and seem to act without thinking and bark excessively in new situations or at other dogs. Labeled willful, stubborn, or “dominant”, these dogs seem to struggle in new environments and perform simple behaviors around specific distractions like new people, dogs, critters, or traffic.

This class, Chaotic Canine, is a precursor to our Focus & Control for Teens or Foundation Skills for Adults class, specifically geared for these excitable dogs, and distracted dogs. We will focus on skills to help these dogs be successful by channeling this energy for good with impulse games, building focus, and confidence. This class is designed to promote confidence, teamwork and problem solving skills to help you and you be more successful out and about with your pup, and have a stronger bond to move forward.

This first class will be 90 minutes long. The first 45 minutes will be HUMAN ONLY so please have a safe area in your car that your dog is comfortable hanging out in. This might require bringing a helper to sit with your dog.  The second half of the first class class will include implementing some simple skills and rotating the dogs into the building so they have a short time to acclimate to the space without others present.

This 6-week class has a fixed start and end date.  In this class, we will build upon the skills learned the prior week.  There may be occasional skip week(s) due to holidays, or special events – outlined in the schedule.

Dogs with a bite history are not appropriate for this class. This is also not a good fit for dogs who have issues with livestock or those who need help working through separation anxiety issues.


Kick Starter Package | Initial Consultation + Two Hours of Support (and beyond)

From $420

If you’re not sure what package to choose, or none of the ones we have resonate with you or sound like they quite fit, this is the package we’ll recommend starting with. The amount of support included in this package varies based on what we’d recommend. Topics can include:

  • Unwanted pesky behavior in the household
  • Help with one or two basic manners
  • House training support
  • Overcoming some confidence issues for dogs under five months old
  • Improving your dog’s recall (Fido, come!)
  • Planning to incorporate a new dog or puppy into the household
  • And more!

If this package sounds like it’s up your alley, contact us to discuss it.

What you get:

  • An initial 60 minute consultation get you help ASAP
  • Two additional hours of support (although we may recommend more) for the duration of your package based on your needs and your budget
  • Step-by-step homework and video review, as necessary
  • A training plan that makes sense, is humane and effective and fits with your lifestyle
  • Written materials in PDF format for easy printing and tracking