When Dogs Eat Greenery

It’s a rare dog that
never partakes of a tender stalk of juicy grass—and some dogs practically
graze. Dogs are omnivores and it’s likely their diet in the wild would include
fruit, berries, seeds, herbs, and a variety of grasses (despite lacking the enzyme
to digest grass). On occasion, grass-eating is an attempt to induce vomiting or
otherwise soothe a digestive issue, and it’s speculated that dogs also
instinctively seek out certain herbs as a cure for other ailments. Because of
the connection with gastric upset, it’s always worth paying extra attention if
your dog suddenly develops a ravenous appetite for grass. Look for vomiting
that lasts more than a few days, blood or mucus in the stool, and lethargy. Any
of those should trigger a visit to the vet for a full checkup.

Absent any other symptoms, don’t worry if your dog snacks on the
foliage—and perhaps a bit of soil in the bargain. If
nothing else, it’s good roughage.