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Did You Know: The Most Popular Dog Names?

Of all time, female: Molly, Bella, Daisy, Maggie, Lucy, Ginger, Bonnie, Sadie, Sophie, Lady Of all time, male: Max, Jake, Buddy, Jack, Cody, Charlie, Bailey, Rocky, Sam, Buster Today, female: Bella, Luna, Lucy, Daisy, Lily Today, male: Charlie, Max, Bailey, Cooper, Rex Naming trends: The steady stream of Marvel movies has seen over 30% more… Read more »

Did You Know: Why Dogs Lick Their Wounds?

Common practice. All dogs instinctively want to lick their wounds. The reflex was a sound one—once. Healing saliva. The idea that canine saliva contains healing properties is widely held; it appeared in the myths of some ancient societies such as Mesopotamia. Is it fact or fiction? Well, it’s somewhat factual. Dog saliva is slightly bactericidal… Read more »

Did You Know: These Doggie Facts?

With their swiveling ears, dogs can locate the source of a sound in 0.06 seconds. Dogs have far fewer taste buds than humans, but the 200 million scent receptors in their nasal folds (compared to our 5 million) nevertheless make some of them very finicky eaters. The hair on a dog’s muzzle, eyes, and jaws… Read more »

Did You Know: These Doggie Proverbs?

A dog with two tails (an overjoyed person) Every dog has his day (even the lowest among us gets a moment of glory) A dog’s chance (no chance at all) Three-dog night (a night so cold that two dogs in the bed is not enough) Hair of the dog (a supposed hangover cure: another drink… Read more »

Did You Know: The Origin of These Doggie Phrases?

Exercise, we all know, is fundamental to good health. For dogs and humans alike, slothful ways lead to, at best, diminished well-being and poor muscle tone, at worst obesity, heart ailments, and joint problems. In dogs a couch potato existence can also prompt behavior problems. Sometimes just quirks, sometimes full-on neuroses similar to those seen… Read more »

Did You Know: These Doggie Temperature Facts?

Dogs are more sensitive to high temperatures than humans because they rely on breathing out hot air and breathing in cold air to regulate their body temperature. If the air is hot, particularly if it’s close to body temperature, they overheat. Short dogs and dogs with squat faces have an ever-harder time than other dogs… Read more »