Yorkshire Terrier

The terrier ancestry is clearly present in the bold, quick, occasionally aloof Yorkie. Ironically, given today’s often pampered, bejeweled dogs, the Yorkie hails from rugged Yorkshire in the North of England and was originally used as a ratter. Silky hair and teeny stature fool some into thinking the Yorkie is more toy than dog. This is not true, of course. Yorkies require exercise, consistency, and size-appropriate dog-dog interactions to be happy and healthy. Somewhat challenging to train—due to that individualistic streak—Yorkies rarely make their mark in dog sports, preferring instead to enter the public sphere appropriately situated on the arms of famous guardians—not all of whom, incidentally, are blond and female. Actors Bruce Willis and Orlando Bloom have Yorkies, as do Simon Cowell and Steven Tyler.

To give a Yorkie a home, search online for the nearest rescue group.