Why Groom?

Even if you make regular trips to the groomer, there are good reasons to also groom your dog at home. A dog with a clean, healthy coat feels better in herself, and brushing and bathing your dog promotes skin health and gives you quality time together. Nothing says, I love you, Daisy, like a good shampoo and a rinse. Plus, you can take the opportunity to check for fleas, ticks, and skin irritations.

If your dog is new to grooming, start slowly and first teach her to love being handled all over. Reward gentle touches of ears, paws, tail, etc. with tasty treats, then progress to brushing and brief periods of holding. Be sure to get the right tools for your dog’s coat—brushes and combs come in many versions—and always use a dog blow dryer that delivers only air, not heat. You can find detailed DIY grooming instructions many places online. Try the Pet Care section of the ASPCA’s website: aspca.org.