When You Can’t Get Fido Out

The difference between a well-exercised dog and one who hasn’t gotten out for a few days can be striking. Where’d my nice-mannered, calm companion go? And who does this whirling dervish belong to? Sometimes you just can’t get the dog out—inclement weather, personal or public health conditions, or canine injury can all get in the way. Try these measures to keep your dog’s excess energy from driving you both crazy:

Play games. A rousing round of hide-and-seek, fetch, tug, or chase can provide physical exercise when a walk isn’t in the cards. And playing together is a great way to deepen your bond, too.

Make Fido think. Purchased or homemade canine puzzle toys that require Fido to figure out how to get at a tasty treat can replace physical exercise with mental exertion—and keep your dog busy for hours. Search “dog puzzle toys” or “canine enrichment” online for endless ideas.