The Italian Greyhound

This slender, smooth-coated twiglet combines the doe eyes and sensitivity of a miniature Bambi with the harefooted quickness befitting a tiny cousin of the Greyhound. Affectionately known as ‘Iggies,’ Italian Greyhounds are an ancient breed, found in pictorials as far back as old Egypt and first-century Rome. Possibly bred originally for hunting small prey (and still quite willing to follow those instincts), an Iggy’s main job in modern times is to be a companion, a role she fulfills with grace, playfulness, and utter devotion. The Iggy can thrive in the country or in the city, if she’s kept nice and toasty. Dainty as she is, without much body fat, she needs sweaters and paw protection in wintry conditions. Her refinement, style, and portability has earned her a place at many a royal court, including that of Mary, Queen of Scots; Queen Victoria; Catherine the Great; and Maud, Queen of Norway.

To re-home an Iggie, contact your local rescue group.