The Doberman Pincher

Doberman Pinchers, affectionately known as Dobies, hail from Germany and were originally bred to be guard dogs. For that reason, Dobies are strong and resilient, fast runners, and hardwired to be alert. When well trained and socialized, Dobies are also affectionate family dogs and devoted companions. They have distinguished themselves alongside soldiers at war—a Dobie named Kurt saved the lives of 250 U.S. Marines during World War II. Kurt is memorialized at the National War Dog Cemetery at Naval Base Guam. In modern times, Dobies are often chosen for police and rescue work. With their stately and powerful presence, Dobies also make popular movie stars. The movie Resident Evil features a zombie Dobie called Cerberus; K-911 stars James Belushi and a Dobie as Zeus the police dog; and the Disney movies UP and Zootopia both have (animated) Dobies on the payroll.

For a Dobie to snuggle up with, look for a rescue organization near you. If you already have a Doberman, we’d love to see a photo! Use the hashtag #happydoginstitute when you post.