SUP with your pup!

If you and your dog both love water, stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing) is a great way to enjoy the water with your best friend. SUPing is an easy sport to master and has the added benefit of not requiring a large investment in equipment—just a board and a paddle and you’re good to go!

Well, maybe not quite. Before you decide to hit the lake with your four-legged companion, a little training is in order to make sure he or she enjoys the outing. Some dogs take to a paddle board instinctively, but most will need a careful introduction to make sure they come to love the sport as much as you do. Training consists of teaching your dog to love your board and paddle, how and when to jump aboard and disembark (no pun intended), and how to balance to keep you both on the board instead of in the lake.

Fortunately, done properly, this training is fun for you both. You can find videos online or, for a complete tutorial, check out Tawzer Dog’s What’s SUP, PUP? DVD. Once you’ve got your training plan in place, there’s nothing left but to hit the water with your best friend!