Preventing Dog Theft

  • Don’t: Leave your dog alone in the yard.
  • Don’t: Tie your dog outside a store.
  • Do: Tag and microchip your dog. Keep his license up to date.
  • Do: Make sure your dog has a bullet-proof recall. You can check out our Fun Foundation and Total Recall classes if you need help with this one!

If Your Dog is Stolen

  • Search the neighborhood, on foot or in a car. Check basements and garages. Call and whistle loudly. Ask friends or family members for help.
  • Call local animal shelters, pet hospitals, and Animal Care & Control.
  • Write a ‘Lost Dog―Reward’ flyer with a photo and distribute in schools, churches, dog parks, etc.

Beware of scammers. Owners of lost pets are frequently targeted. Never pay a reward until you’re literally handed your dog.