People-Foods to Avoid

Most people know chocolate can be dangerous, even fatal, to dogs. Many have heard the same of grapes and raisins, and it’s common sense that alcohol isn’t canine fare. Other people-foods never to share with your dog include:

In the greenery department: Avocado, onions, garlic, chives (plus grapes and raisins).

Drinks and dairy: Cacao, coffee, tea, milk, milk-based foods (plus alcohol).

Sweets. Candy or anything containing Xylitol (plus chocolate).

Some nuts: Walnuts and macadamias.

Miscellaneous: Fish or poultry bones, yeast dough, salty foods like potato chips.

Common signs of poisoning include vomiting and diarrhea, tremors and seizures, drooling, problems breathing, and losing consciousness. If your dog ingests something potentially harmful, take her to the vet immediately, along with a sample of the product.