Healthy Travels with Your Dog

Doing your homework is key to making traveling with your dog a healthy and stress-free experience. First, research the area(s) you’ll be visiting: Are there weather advisories in place, or disease outbreaks or risks you’re unfamiliar with (water parasites, ticks, rabies)? Are there permissions or vaccinations your dog will need to travel there?

Next, be sure to know where you can find vets along the way, just in case. Check that ID tags have up-to-date information, most importantly your cell phone number. Also bring a picture of your dog in case she gets away from you. Finally, pack a pet First Aid kit, try to keep your dog’s mealtime routines consistent, provide plenty of breaks and exercise, and be prepared to slow down or vary your plans slightly to allow for canine comfort. It’s supposed to be a good time for everyone!