Golden Retreiver

Few dogs appear on more ‘best of’ lists than the Golden Retriever. The second-most popular breed in the U.S. ranks fourth in Dr. Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs, boasts the first ever dog to surf with special-needs kids (Ricochet), and holds the world record for most tennis balls in a dog’s mouth: five, all at once (see earlier). Goldens are easy to motivate, prone to over-exuberance, usually confident, and highly social. They don’t care for extended alone-time and are famous for loving kids of any species: Goldens have made excellent surrogate mothers for everything from kittens to tiger cubs. Originally a gundog bred to retrieve waterfowl, Goldens make ideal sporting and activity dogs. Vigorous daily exercise is a must. The priority cue to teach a Golden is leave it, for when you’re within twenty feet of a substance that appears even remotely edible.

To rescue a Golden, visit your local shelter or rescue group. Tag us in photos of your Golden: #happydoginstitute @happydoginstitute