Four Tips For Office Etiquette

If you are among the fortunate who get to bring your furry sidekick to work, preserve the privilege by turning your dog into Canine Employee of the Month:

Mind the manners. Beef up on those manners cues, so Sit, Stay, and Quiet are nice and reliable.

Come prepared. Your doggy daypack should include food, treats, a leash, poop bags, a favorite chew toy, a dog bed or blanket, and pet-odor remover in case of accidents.

Be mindful of others. Not everyone is a dog lover and it’s your responsibility to keep Fido away from anyone who might not appreciate dog kisses, paw prints, and a hair shower.

Take breaks together. Schedule at least two breaks for your pooch to stretch his legs and go potty. If possible, spend your lunchtime together, perhaps with a nice walk.

For tips on bringing a Dog @ Work program to your company, see