How to Pill Your Dog

If you can, sneak pills into your dog either by getting chewable medication from your vet, mixing the meds in with your dog’s meal, or sticking the pill inside a soft treat like cheese or hot dog. If that doesn’t work, the procedure is:

1. Hold the pill with one hand. Place that hand on your dog’s lower jaw, the other on his upper jaw. Lift up his head.

2. Open your dog’s mouth and put the pill to the side of the tongue as far back as you can reach. Quickly remove your hand and close your dog’s jaw. 

3. Keep your dog’s head tilted upward and his jaws closed. Encourage him to swallow by gently stroking his throat downward with the other hand. As soon as you think your dog has swallowed the pill, release him and offer him a yummy treat.

(Instructions courtesy of ASPCA)