Aggression, Fear & Anxiety Seminar, 2 Hours

Who: You!

When: Tuesday, October 15th from 6:30-8:30pm. Click here to register.

Where: The Olympia Center

What: Is your dog anxious? Are they generally nervous, fearful or aggressive? Afraid of noises, new people, new dogs, the vacuum cleaner, insert-trigger-here? Do they resort to “fighting or fleeing” too often? Do you want to help them boost their confidence and be happier in general? Then this seminar is for you!

Expect to learn:

  • Influential factors of aggression, anxiety and fear-based behaviors, including: brain development, breed, age, temperament, health and socialization
  • Key behavior and learning theory concepts, including: how dogs learn, early signs and taking a history
  • Prevention and management, including body language, de-stressing, calmnatives/medications, exercise and what to do when things go south
  • Working your dog, a general overview*: counter-conditioning, how to influence behavior, working to reverse “flight or fight” responses, reduce anxiety and build confidence.

You’ll also get access to PDF materials as they pertain to the seminar.

Webinar: An Ounce of Prevention COMING SOON!

Who: You!

When: Coming soon

Where: Online. Link will be provided after registration.

What: “Fido, come! Sit! Stay! Leave it! No bark!” Does that sound familiar? Do you see some unwanted behaviors cropping up and you’re not sure what to do about them? Or perhaps you’d like to prevent your dog from developing some annoying habits? You’re in luck!

Attend this webinar and find out how your dog learns, what influences their behaviors, and how to communicate with them positively – and with results! We’ll cover the following:

  • Key behavior concepts and influential factors for behavior
  • Learning theory
  • How to change or influence behaviors including prevention, problem solving and behavior modification techniques

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