Pre-Recorded Webinar: Aggression, Fear & Anxiety: An Introduction

Who: You!

When: This is a recording of a previously held webinar. Click here to purchase the webinar (you’ll register for the webinar “class” and then receive the link once you’ve completed the process).

What: Is your dog anxious? Are they generally nervous, fearful or aggressive? Afraid of noises, new people, new dogs, the vacuum cleaner, insert-trigger-here? Do they resort to “fighting or fleeing” too often? Do you want to help them boost their confidence and be happier in general? Then this webinar is for you!

Expect to learn:

  • Influential factors of aggression, anxiety and fear-based behaviors, including: brain development, breed, age, temperament, health and socialization
  • Key behavior and learning theory concepts, including: how dogs learn, early signs and taking a history
  • Prevention and management, including body language, de-stressing, calmnatives/medications, exercise and what to do when things go south
  • Working your dog, a general overview*: what works and what doesn’t, setting appropriate expectations, how to influence behavior, working to reverse “flight or fight” responses, reduce anxiety and build confidence.

You’ll also get access to PDF materials as they pertain to the webinar.

Where: Online! You’ll need a computer, tablet or smart phone with a current operating system and high-speed internet.

Why: For many years our clients have been asking for us to teach more behavior seminars and classes. We’ve done this as a seminar in person, but now we want to make the content more accessible and convenient.

*This webinar will provide the foundational knowledge you’ll need to have to participate in future behavior-specific webinars, where we’ll delve deeper into how to work on specific issues including: dogs fighting in the household and dog-dog aggression; human fear and aggression; phobias related to noises, objects, cars, crates etc. and barking. Each of these topics will last an hour and will be scheduled throughout this fall and winter.

Surviving the Holidays + KONG Stuffing Party!

Who: You!

When: Thursday, November 1st, 6-8pm

Where: The Olympia Center, Room 101

The season for houseguests and delicious, accessible turkeys is almost upon us. It’ll be here before you know it – is your sweet pup ready? Are you? Let’s get together to problem solve, prepare and have some fun! With your registration, you’ll get:

-A hour of strategizing, problem-solving and planning with yours truly: Emma & Heather. We’ll talk about anti-jumping techniques, how to work on “counter-surfing” and managing dogs around guests (with food, no less!), how to wear them out in the most effective ways, and more!
-Access to supporting documents in PDF format
-One medium-sized per KONG per registrant that’s yours to stuff (and keep!) during the second half of the workshop. We’ll also provide stuffing materials.
-You’ll have the opportunity to pre-order extra KONGS and supplies at a discount before the workshop to take home.

We hope you can join us!

LIVE Webinar: Anxiety, Aggression & Fear: In-Depth

Who: You!

When: Sunday, October 28th, 9:30-11:30am. Click here to sign-up for this webinar. You’ll receive a link to the webinar at least two days before it starts.

Prerequisite: Anxiety, Aggression & Fear: An Introduction (pre-recorded webinar, see above). If you haven’t already purchased this webinar, then click here to buy both webinars together (and save $5!) so you can listen before this part is held on the 28th.

Where: Online. Link will be provided as the event approaches.

What: This webinar will be a follow-up to our Anxiety, Fear & Aggression: An Introduction webinar. If you’re just joining us, you’ll need to purchase and listen to the first webinar in order to join this one on the 22nd. You can sign up for it via or purchase the two webinars as a package.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss the following:
-How to get a conditioned emotional response (in-depth): timing, procedure, setting criteria, etc;
-How to know when your dog’s emotion is changing and when you can push them;
-What to do when you’re not seeing progress;
-How to keep your dog below threshold and management/exercise ideas;
-The benefits of calmnatives and medication and when it’s necessary;
-Discussion of specific behavior issues and developing a behavior modification plan for them including noise, car and generalized phobias; dog-dog aggression and reactivity; human fear and aggression issues.

We’ll do a lot of Q&A, discussion, brainstorming and collaboration.

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