Are you planning for a new puppy or rescuing an older dog? Do you want the class curriculum content but can’t make a group class work with your schedule? Or maybe you’re enrolled in a class and are looking for some supplemental one-on-one support.

No matter what the reason is, these private training packages are for you! Plus, when you work with us, you have over 30 years of combined experience behind you. We’ve developed our programs based on what we’ve learned works best and is most effective over the years. We have a whole team ready to help you solve problems and get you some much-needed relief. After all, we’re in the business of creating happier dogs and happier humans.

During these private, one-on-one training programs, you’ll get practical solutions that get real results, in addition to peace-of-mind, sanity, and a big sigh of relief. We use science- and reward-based methods to solve behavior problems, and we’ve got the credentials and experience to back it up.


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New Puppy Package

Initial Goal Setting and Intro Session + Four Hours of Training & Socialization Help


If you are planning on a new puppy, this is the package for you! We recommend having your first session before your puppy even comes home, if possible, to set yourself up for success (of course, if this doesn’t work out you can still start after the puppy comes home!). From there, meet with us on a weekly basis to make sure your puppy is starting off on the right paw. 


  • Help making a schedule that works for you and your family.
  • Crate training and house training.
  • Help with play biting and bite inhibition.
  • Appropriate chew training.
  • Successful, foolproof socialization support.
  • Beginning manners.
  • Get a “Here to Socialize” bandana.
  • Choose an optional starter kit that includes some of our favorite treats and toys, and pick it up at your first session
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Adolescent & Adult Dog Manners Package

Initial Goal Setting and Intro Session + Three Hours of Private Training


This package is the private version of our Puppy 3 or Fun Foundation classes. If you have an unpredictable schedule or simply want some individualized support to work on your specific manners goals, this is your package! The support and goals we’ll work on will be roughly based on the class curriculum and customized to your goals. 

Please keep in mind that this package is for clients who need help with the “basics” like teaching appropriate greetings to other people, recall (coming when called), manners and walking on a leash. If your dog is fearful, anxious, aggressive, reactive (barky) towards other dogs or people or anything that falls into that realm, then you’ll want to choose one of the packages on our Behavior page.


Group Class Add-On Package

Initial Goal Setting and Intro Session + One to Three Hours of Private Training

$280 to $520

By popular demand, we are offering a package for those of you who just can’t get enough! We love it! If you are in a class and find yourself wanting to practice your skills under the subversion/advice of an instructor privately, this package has your name on it! 

Another scenario might be that you need to work on something small that falls outside the realm of class content, like house training, excessive play biting or jumping, crate or confinement training, helping introduce new dogs in your household to each other etc.

In order for us to make a package recommendation, reach out to us and tell us your goals. We’ll let you know how many session we think you need! Keep in mind that some of our instructors only teach group classes, so you might end up working with another team member. Not to worry, we’re a collaborative group so you’ll get all the support you need.