Common Puppy Issues
Starting Out Right
Chew Training
Confinement Training
House-training Accident Log
House-training Your Puppy
Play Biting
Teaching Puppy to Share

Learning Theory
The Two Ways Dogs Learn
Debunking Dominance
Training an Incompatible Behavior worksheet

AVSAB’s Position on Puppy Socialization
Socialization Checklist

Living Room Session Content
Presentation Slides, including Weekly Challenge
Sit Video 1
Sit Video 2
Noise Exposure Video 1 – relaxed puppy
Noise Exposure Video 2 – startled/flooded puppy example
Introducing a Puppy to New People Video

Kitchen Session Content
Presentation Slides, Including Weekly Challenge
Go to Mat Video
Settle on Mat Video
Building Recall Association Video
Puppy Recall Video
Food Bowl Bonus Video
Recall Homework Sheet

Outside Stroll Session Content
Presentation Slides, Including Weekly Challenge
Jean Donaldson Video on Desensitizing to Gear (she uses a Gentle Leader here, versus a harness/collar/leash, but the concept is the same. Please apply it to whatever gear your puppy needs to become comfortable with!)
Loose Leash Walking Video
Socializing Around Novel Stimulus – Movement Video
See below for Loose Leash Walking Illustrations

Vet Visit Session Content
Presentation Slides, Including Weekly Challenge
Stay Duration

Positive Reinforcement Training

Dog Signals

Body Language

A Dog’s Emotional Cup

Talking Dog

Grisha Stewart’s Stress Scale

Dog-Dog Interactions – Is Your Dog Scared?


Positive Associations with Noise

Being a Smart Dog Training Consumer

Loose Leash Walking