Class FAQs

Do you require masks at your facility?

Our instructors will continue to wear masks, and we request that you wear one while indoors as well.

Missing a Class

Please be aware that you are signing up for CONSECUTIVE classes (although we do skip some classes due to major holidays). If you need to miss a class in your series, that is fine – we can get you caught-up the following week! We are also offering live streaming options in our classes, which you can access via your class’ homework portal.

If you need to make any changes to your enrollment, please let us know at least TWO WEEKS in advance. Please be sure you have reviewed our policies at Thank you!

Orientation Videos + First Class + Formatting Details

For Puppy 1 and Puppy 2, bring your puppy to ALL CLASSES. Be sure to watch the orientation video in the homework portal before coming to class.

For Puppy 3 and Fun Foundation, the first in-person class is an orientation held without dogs. Please be sure to watch the video orientation in the homework portal BEFORE coming to the first class. Click here for details on how to access the homework portal. At the first class, please bring something to write with and a notebook. We will provide your training kit and a clicker at the orientation.

Homework Portal

Your homework portal has all the class materials plus orientation videos.

To access the Client Homework Portal, go to Click on your class, and use the password listed in your original confirmation email. Please keep in mind that the password for the homework portal is DIFFERENT than the one you used to sign up for class.

Please note that we don’t offer printed copies of homework materials to save paper. You are welcome to print them yourself or visit your local library to do so.

Barky + Fearful Dogs

Please contact us if your dog has fear/reactivity or anxiety around other dogs, or in public in general.

Usually, these classes are too stressful for barky or fearful dogs and that can also be too stressful for the other dogs in the class. We offer behavior consulting and private training, so reach out to us if you think your dog might fit into this category and we’ll get you some help! Please let us know ASAP since classes are only transferrable within a certain timeframe, and we want all the dogs in our classes to be as successful as possible (as well as their humans!). Thank you for understanding.