Ready to take your dog’s training to the next level? Getting involved in the wild and wonderful world of dog sports helps build confidence, promotes physical fitness, exercises the brain, increases your bond, and is just plain fun! Contact us today for dog agility training Olympia, WA!

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Four Weeks


Who: Fun Foundation OR Puppy 2 class, or dogs who have instructor approval.
Dogs must be over six months old to attend this class. Contact us for questions.

When: Sundays at 12:30pm, usually. Click here to see the schedule.

Where: Da Paws Place in Rochester, Washington.

What: Give your dog the foundation they need to excel in dog sports – and have fun with you as a teammate! We will focus on developing play and reward systems, body awareness and footwork. Your team will be well prepared to begin the basics of any dog sport of your dreams!

Prerequisite: Fun Foundation Class or instructor approval.

dog agility training Olympia WA 2

Who: Dogs who have completed Agility Fundamentals or have instructor approval.

When: Schedule varies, but usually Sunday mornings.

Where: Da Paws Place in Rochester, Washington.

What: Building on your skills from Agility Fundamentals, we will add Contact Training and Tunnel Work. We’ll also focus on building body awareness and footwork skills, beginning handling techniques, turns and recalls to heel position. We’ll also add jumping skills and weaves for dogs over 18 months old.

Prerequisite: Agility Fundamentals or instructor approval.

Click here to Email Heather for more details. These classes are often arranged after completing Agility Fundamentals and conducted in a semi-private context.

Surviving Your Dog’s Adolescence

Six Weeks + Online Video Orientation

Save money with purchase of a Puppy Package

Please note: while this isn’t a full agility class, it does incorporate a lot of games, including pre-agility, and has a big focus on mental AND physical exercise and stimulation. If you have a puppy under nine months and are looking for something fun to do, we encourage you to join this class!

Who: Dogs under nine months old. Too old for Puppy 2? Click here to learn about our Fun Foundation class.

When: Schedule varies, click here for current offerings.

Where: Fluffy & Floyd’s Pet Supplies in Tumwater, Washington,
Grays Harbor Veterinary Services in Montesano, Washington &
River Bend Pet Center in Chehalis, Washington.

Why: This class is the perfect “bridge” for your adolescent dog to keep training going between Puppy 1 and his first grown-up class, Fun Foundation. Or, if you missed Puppy 1, take Puppy 2 to teach your dog to listen better and survive the “terrible teens”!

What: Is your dog behaving like a teenager? Ignoring you? Suddenly you’re not so cool anymore? Want to work on your training relationship, teach your dog to listen better, and have some fun with them in the process? Maybe they’re not QUITE ready for a super serious “obedience” class, but you still need better obedience. We hear you! In this class, you’ll:

  • Learn how to get better, reliable behaviors by using clicker or marker training
  • Work on manners and skills like Stay, Leave It, Come when Called and Loose Leash Walking
  • Pre-agility fun! Work with agility obstacles, new surfaces and fun games
  • Learn new and effective ways to wear out your dog
  • Introduce additional reinforcers besides treats!
  • Get continued support with other common behavior problems during your dog’s adolescence
  • Have an opportunity to exchange information with fellow classmates to get pups together for playtime, and/or join our Facebook Puppy Playtime group.

What You Get:

  • Access to PDF materials for class
  • A customized Happy Dog Institute clicker
  • An opportunity to join our Facebook Group for puppy playdates

Prerequisite: Your puppy must be under nine (9) months old at the start of class.

Get the Puppy Class FAQs by clicking here.

This class may also be purchased as part of a package. Click below to learn more.
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